Thursday, January 31, 2013

Video: Black Church, Pastor Tony Smith Talks About Bishop Larry Trotter in bathtub with Granddaughter

We are so glad Pastor Tony Smith has shared his honest thoughts about Bishop Larry Trotter being in the bathtub with his granddaughter.   One of our journalists contacted him and requested if he would discuss his honest opinion and indeed he did so on these two following videos.  We wish there were more real black men like Pastor Tony Smith who does not mind telling the truth about all these disgusting issues that has been allegedly occurring in the black church, lately.   

The silence of most preachers not preaching against Bishop Larry Trotter taking a bath with his granddaughter and Bishop Wayne Jackson laying on top of a man shows we are certainly living in the last days.  Years ago, we would never see such filthy observations, but while we true saints of God are annoyed by Trotter and Jackson, there are some followers whom will defend both of those preachers, right in the black church.   Specifically, a radio host allegedly allowed Trotter to explain himself as though what he did was okay, but we've got news for you, Pastor Tony Smith said it's nasty and Trotter needs to be question by authorities.  

Shame on the black church who think the photo of Bishop Larry Trotter in the bathtub with his granddaughter is okay.   Just because today's average black church has now became diverse with other races does not mean we should agree with everything and become universal.  If you would read the biblical laws, God left us, you would realize the true saints of God are not supposed to be following the ways of other cultures.  Romans 1:28 says, 'And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.'  In other-wards some things we are now seeing some preachers in the black church doing that are not right, they do not see it as wrong, because they have a reprobate mind.   There used to be an age when many black men and black women would never be caught doing some things we are now seeing today and one of those things is being in the bathtub with their grandchildren, for no reason whatsoever.
Watch Video

Watch Video

Photo: The Way of the God of The Lord Jesus

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