Sunday, February 3, 2013

Black Church News: Bishop Earthquake Kelley Allegedly Says, Perry Stone's sister, Diana ripped off his book!!

In case you have not heard Bishop Earthquake Kelley's testimony about how he died and came back to life, more than once, please go hear it on our Video's page.  Bishop Earthquake Kelley wrote his life story and evidently, there was a contract with Perry Stone's sister, Diana Stone.  Now, many of you who regularly watch TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) know who Perry Stone is and have even seen him interview Bishop Earthquake Kelley and others whom have had out of body experiences.  How could Perry Stone or even his sister, Diana Stone allegedly rip Bishop Earthquake Kelley off realizing, there is a burning hell for those whom steal? 

Remember, Perry Stone is the person who has forewarned us about the end times and the mark of the beast.  Now, it makes us question what to believe when we watch these Christian shows.  Are some or most of these Christian TV hosts out to just make money?  We try to make sure we are prepared to be caught up in the rapture, but sometimes, the people whom forewarn us may not be righteous followers of Christ, which is very scary.  

What hurts the body of Christ so bad, is when a child of God like Bishop Earthquake Kelley gives their testimony and there is always someone in the church who mistreats them.   Any true born again believer who knows about the afterlife and how we will be judged would be afraid to rip anyone off.  Hearing Bishop Earthquake Kelley's confession about Stone's alleged theft makes you wonder, where is the true body of Christ whom have the fear of God and the hell, His Son, Jesus Christ provides for thieves and other types of sinners and hypocrites?

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