Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black Church News: Pastor Tony Smith Speaks about Christopher Dorner

SCR readers, Pastor Tony Smith shares how he feels about the police going after Christopher Dorner on this following video.   We agree that African Americans have always depended on God to protect our families, although we may have been threatened by our white supremacists for many years.   We have prayed and trusted God whenever we felt threatened by evil of any sort.   As you know, no other preacher within the black church makes it so clear to us like Pastor Tony Smith

Allegedly, police discovered the charred remains in a cabin, which possibly reveals Christopher Dorner is presumed dead.  It is very sad he died by the same type of force he worked for.   According to, Christopher Dorner, 33, is accused of killing four people — a young Irvine couple, a Riverside police officer and a San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy. He is believed to have penned a long, angry manifesto on Facebook saying that he was unfairly fired from the LAPD and was now seeking vengeance.

After watching KTLA's video, you are about to hear Pastor Tony Smith bluntly express his opinions of the police chasing Christopher Dorner. 

May Christopher Dorner rest in peace, along with his victims and we are sincerely praying for his families.

Watch Video

Watch Pastor Tony Smith's Commentary

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