Sunday, February 17, 2013

Black Church News: Pastor Tony Smith Speaks about The Antichrist, Barack Obama, Hadiya Pendleton and more!!

Saints of God, Pastor Tony Smith makes a very interesting point when he speaks about President Barack Obama allegedly not showing up at Hadiya Pendleton's funeral.  Of course, we saw our first lady, Michelle Obama, but for some reason we hear she did not speak, although staying until the end and also, we did not see the president sitting next to her.  However, that's not all he speaks about, he brings up a good point about some white professed Christians referring to President Obama as the anti-Christ.   As you know, Pastor Smith always speaks his mind, un-apologetically.

We want you to know, Pastor Tony Smith makes a good point on this following video about some white Christians referring to President Obama as the anti-Christ.  Let us tell you why, simply because we agree that when there was any other president who was white, they did not ever say any of them were the anti-Christ.    He is on point, when he explains what the anti-Christ is, anyone whom does not believe in God and rejects His commandments.    However, that's not how it was ever explained to us for many years and we are not just talking about from a white perspective, also within the black church, some preachers taught us it would be a person.   Pastor Tony Smith makes you wonder, 'why didn't anyone refer to any of our previous presidents as the anti-Christ?' Could it be because he is for same sex marriage, something none of the other presidents would endorse?  

Pastor Tony Smith brings up a good point about President Obama showing up in Connecticut, but seem not to consider the gun violence and high death rate in Chicago, allegedly.  Hadiya Pendleton went to his inauguration before her death, but he couldn't show up at her funeral makes you wonder about Obama lack of consideration for the black community while caring more about other tragedies that killed white people.

As we've said before, Pastor Tony Smith brings up good commentary, any other preacher within the black church would be able to touch.   

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