Monday, February 25, 2013

Black Church News: Pastor Tony Smith Talks About Bishop Eddie Long, Centino Kemp and Sisterhood TV Show

Pastor Tony Smith is being truthful again to us, this time about Centino Kemp allegedly writing about his previous lustful affair with Bishop Eddie Long, allegedly.   Of course, we have not read the book, 'The First Lady' ourselves, but we heard enough by what Pastor Smith shared with us from Kemp's book, very nasty.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we do not know what this age of the black church is coming to, but we know there must be a lot of black people whom will eventually burn in hell, because no matter how many alleged confessions came out against Bishop Eddie Long, he still has a large number of people whom choose to follow him at New Birth. Possibly, there are many more supporters across the nation, because they are fascinated with his household name and even more sickening, the scandal.

Pastor Tony Smith opens our eyes about how he thinks Bishop Eddie Long is empowered to move forward, regardless of the pass allegations against him.   He also shares how disgusting it is, for some gay men to blame those whom turn them out, as though they were never already fascinated with homosexuality.   SCR readers, it is absolutely the truth, some of these accusers live their lives talking about how they were allegedly molested as though they could be enjoying the attention. In this case of Centino Kemp, Bishop Eddie Long probably was not the first man to ever touch him, that is if it really did occur.  So, we sort of believe some of the responses we received at AT2W that some of these accusers could have already had same sex relations, but of course, nobody knows the truth, except them and God.   However, Pastor Tony Smith is honest about it, some of these men whom accused men like Bishop Eddie Long, just go on and on about how they were molested, instead of just moving on to learn how to become a real man.

Of course, we have to agree with Pastor Tony Smith about 'The Sisterhood' TV show, it is a disgrace that whomever these first lady's husbands are, they do not make them get off the show.  In our opinion, they do not represent holy women.   These women on this reality show appear to represent loose women within the world and do not reveal true examples of being authentic ladies, according to biblical standards.  Therefore, it is a shame and a disgrace and women in the black church should not model themselves after these supposedly first ladies.

In the meantime, we will keep Bishop Eddie Long in our prayers.

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