Saturday, February 23, 2013

Celebrity News: Rapper, Minister MC Hammer allegedly Arrested For Resisting Arrest

In our opinion, racism in California seems to never stop.  Of course, we know this happens everywhere across the nation, it's just that we recall a previous racial incident years ago with police when MC Hammer was just standing on the street corner in Los Angeles.  What's so twisted about him allegedly being arrested because he is black, according to Daily Kos, is that it seems like the subject of racism never is discussed until it actually occurs, like in this case with MC Hammer.
If you have ever lived in the San Francisco or Oakland Bay Area, you will recall seeing MC Hammer often featured at this San Jose church on a local Christian TV station where Dick Bernal has been the pastor for years.  In other wards, we would not allegedly see him around many African American pastors, often, mostly just performing and ministering at Bernal's church.  In our opinion, it just does seem right for MC Hammer or any other African American to  mention or discuss racism until they experience it, but any other time, they want to allegedly ignore the issue.  It's sort of like what the late Rev. Ike allegedly said about being black whenever it is convenient.  We don't mean to criticize, but honestly, that is what we think of this situation.

We just want to make this very clear, although there is a lot of diversity in California, there is a lot of racism and the only time one may mention racial discrimination the most is when it is a problem for the majority of African Americans or only if it is bothering them, personally.  Therefore, we are not just allegedly insinuating this about MC Hammer, but we also have seen this among some other African Americans whom reside there, overall.
In the meantime, we will keep MC Hammer in our prayers.

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Legendary rapper MC Hammer was arrested during a stop at an East Bay Area mall earlier this week for allegedly resisting an officer, a police sergeant said Saturday. 

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Source: Daily Kos


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