Friday, February 8, 2013

Black Church News: Tennessee man quits job when the satanic number appears on his tax form

For you 'so-call' saved people in the black church who think we should accept everything wrong in this country as right, regardless of what the Bible says, you need to take heed to this article.  Walter Slobanos seems to have been allegedly targeted by demonic forces while working at Contech Casting in Tennessee.

We do not know if you recall SCR readers, but we previously gave you reports that informed information on the possible rise of the Mark of the Beast in this country.  If you notice, some politicians have opposed certain biblical principles, which has alleged destroyed certain family values in this country.   In this midst of that spiritual warfare, we also notice there is a wave of rebellion among many children whom are allegedly choosing their sexual identity and perference. Meanwhile, we are hearing sparse reports about certain science labs trying to invent a chip to be placed in ever human being.   Walter Slobanos refuses to be a follower of the alleged rising trend and has chosen to obey God's Word (Revelation 13), which forewarns us never to accept the satanic number, triple six.   According to, he says 'God is worth more than money' and that's the attitude each and every one of us ought to take.  
For you in the black church whom are calling being holy 'tradition' while fully obeying God's Word, you are in trouble, because if you are so quick to defend preachers in the black church whom condone sin, then you would be so easy to except the satanic number, God forewarned us not to never accept.   

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Tennessee man quits job when the satanic number appears on his tax form

Maintenance workers endure a lot for a paycheck, but the Number of the Beast is too grave a problem for one Tennessee man.

Walter Slonopas, 52, quit his job after receiving his W-2 tax form with the number...Read full article, here.

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