Friday, February 22, 2013

Black Church No More Guns!! Retired ATF agent, Greg Holley Sr., of New Life Anointed Ministries killed while walking his dog

This is very sad, saints of God.   Greg Holley Sr., a retired ATF agent who was chief officer at his church in Woodbridge, VA. was gunned down while walking his dog.  We plead with you Christians within the black church and other multicultural churches to let go of your guns, now.  Respect our dear brother in Christ who fought so hard as an ATF agent to keep guns and other weapons out of the hands of criminals.  

We listened to one christian radio broadcast over a couple of months ago and there actually were some Christians calling in bragging that they own guns and will use them to protect themselves.  God is not pleased with their hypocrisy.  How can they say they love God and have much in common with killers like Aric Alexander who is responsible for the the death of Greg Holley, Sr.?  Saints of God, if we say we love God, we are suppose to act like it, we are not supposed to carry any sort of weapon or even boast that we would use one to protect ourselves. As true born again believers, we are supposed to fully put our faith and confidence in God.   Shame on any of you whom claim to love Jesus, but refuse to trust Him to send His angels to protect you.

Now some of you may ask, why would God allow Greg Holley to die in such a way?  To get the attention of many of you whom are rebellious and refuse to get rid of your guns, that's what we truly feel.  The man fought against crime when he lived and was a faithful member at his church.  God used his life to show you, you are very wrong for owning a gun or even thinking about buying a gun and this includes any other weapon that can harm anyone.   If we want to continue to win souls for Christ, we are going to have to learn how to pray against these demonic spirits in unity and refuse to depend on weapons to protect ourselves.   

Furthermore, we can tell the homes appeared to be very nice where Greg Holley lived, but in our opinion, there are no more suburbs in America that are safe like they used to be.  This killer had no business going in Holley's neighborhood to rob and kill anyone, it's really terrible.  One of the things we cannot understand is why there are not as many gated communities with security at the front gate as it used to be?

In the meantime, we are praying for the family and close friends of this great man of God and we know he is in a much better place.  May Greg Holley, Sr. rest in peace.   We certainly hope Aric Alexander Smith repents before it is everlasting too late.

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Retired ATF agent, Greg Holley Sr., killed while walking his dog; 25-year-old man charged

By Audrey Barnes
WOODBRIDGE, Va. - A Woodbridge man is facing first-degree murder charges after police say he shot and killed a retired ATF agent out walking his dog Wednesday night.

Investigators say Greg Holley Sr. had just left a class at the New Life Anointed Ministries Church. He was shot and...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video:

Source, Photo and Video:

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