Saturday, February 2, 2013

Celebrity News: Former NFL player, Thomas Jones wants brain studied, but disgrees with Bob Costas about guns

Allegedly, the former NFL player of the Kansas Chiefs says he wants his brain to be donated for a study, since the deaths of other football celebrities like Jovan Belcher who endured pain from his brain injuries.  Before Belcher, there was Junior Seau who also suffered from a neurodegenerative brain disease.  We think it is a very good idea Thomas Jones dedicates his brain for research, but we are not sure if it would stop football players from joining the sport in the future.

According to, although Thomas Jones doesn't experience chronic headaches or have memory trouble, he decided to donate his own brain to the Sports Legacy Institute, which studies the link between sports and brain trauma for research upon his death.

However, we are not satisfied with him believing that you must protect yourself with a gun, allegedly.  We agree with Bob Costas who said, 'Handguns do not enhance our safety, they exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it.'   Sadly, Thomas Jones obviously does not see the root of the problem with guns, for Belcher was not protecting himself, but he allegedly used it out of anger and was possibly out of control because of his brain injury, including alcohol.  You know, gun violence would stop if we have more NFL celebrities opposing guns, even after a tragedy that took their team mate's life.  What's so great about Jones providing his brain for a study, if he is not going to discourage people from owning guns, including himself?

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Former NFL player wants brain studied 

 By Sarah Hoye, CNN

Miami (CNN) -- Relaxing on his couch, Thomas Jones quickly scans the channel guide on the TV, his English bulldog resting at his feet, before landing on a football game.

Weekends were much different for Jones a few years ago.

"My job on Sundays is to find a place inside of me, to be furious, to be angry...Read full article, here.

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