Monday, February 4, 2013

Church preschool is closing its doors, after allegations of child molestation

Even in a church preschool, we are hearing claims of sex acts among preschoolers.   Do you recall when little kids were so innocent, they had no knowledge of any sort of sexuality?  God is calling for today's church to call a revival and anoint young children, so they maybe protected from demonic forces that could be attacking their minds.   Believe it or not, many times the same demons that haunt the minds of adults may go into the children, if they are not in an atmosphere where the Spirit of God is dominating at church, in the home and at school. 

Allegedly, Greg Owens the attorney for one of the young boys accused of committing a sex act on a 5-year-old girl asked the question, 'how something like this could occur?'   However, it is not as though we do not realize we are living in an evil day where perversion is somewhat acceptable in America.  Evil spirits are very real and they wander into the school and allegedly take control of children, no matter how young they are.   There needs to be total submission to Jesus Christ, so all of these strange occurrences that involves sex acts among children can cease.    

Yes, school administrators of the First Lutheran Church of Carson should have watched these young kids, but they should not have of had a mind to commit such an act at a very young age, if they are guilty.   Therefore, it makes us wonder if these two boys did commit such an act, what type of things could be going on in their household or what are they allowed to watch on television?   Lust is so much out of control within our American society, school officials may not even feel comfortable allowing children to play together, anymore. 

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Even in a church preschool, we are hearing claims of sex acts among preschoolers.   Do you recall when little kids were so

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Claims of Sex Acts Among Preschoolers Probed

by  KTLA 5 Web Staff

CARSON, Calif. (KTLA) –  A church preschool in Carson is closing its doors amid allegations of sexual activity involving its young students.

At least two young boys reportedly received oral sex from a five-year-old girl at First Lutheran Church of Carson School.

Richard McCarthy, the father of one of the boys, said he...Read full article, here.

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