Monday, February 25, 2013

SC pastor, Bishop Derrick Wayne Jones arrested for punching teenage daughter

Bishop Derrick Wayne Jones who the pastor of Seneca Church of God in South Carolina has been been arrested for punching his teenage daughter.  For whatever reason, he thought he had the right to abuse his daughter, after an alleged argument.  After, he punched her, he threw her on the floor and sat on her.

You see saints of God, this is why many children of preachers go astray, they are abused and if they ever complain ill minded people in the church say they are demon possessed.   The real person who should be labeled demon possessed the person whom abuses the child or even an adult child, which happens all the time.  Bishop Derrick Wayne Jones is like a lot of ministers in the pulpit, he has no business preaching God's Word, because obviously, he does not know how to love or be kind to his daughter.

In the meantime, we hope and pray Bishop Jones steps down from ministry and seek God.  We are praying for Jones teenage daughter.

SC pastor arrested for punching teen daughter

By WSPA News Staff

SENECA, SC -Earlier in the week Bishop Derrick Wayne Jones was put on administrative leave from Seneca Church of God for allegedly punching his teenage daughter. 

According to our coverage partners at Anderson Independent Mail, Bishop Jones...Read full article, here.

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