Friday, February 1, 2013

Celebrity News: Truthfighter Warren Ballentine is fired and if convicted faces 30 years in prison

For several years, many of us have tuned into Warren Ballentine who calls himself a truth fighter.  Now he is not only facing 30 years in prison, but he also has been fired from his job as a national radio host, according to  Ballentine is a lawyer in the south suburban area of Chicago and it is very surprising to discover he is in trouble for mortgage of fraud, after all these years of supposedly fighting for certain unfair cases toward underpriviledged citizens as an attorney.   

On Warren Ballentine's Facebook page, he allegedly posted this response to being fired from Radio One: 'to all the truthfighters thank you I TRIED. Reach Media/ radio one just canceled my show. I was accused not found guilty of anything and they do this dont care about my kid me or the listeners. Well I guess I'm finding out who really is with me now I guess I will be homeless soon.'   Yes, we agree with him, but we wish he and others would see the very people you fight for will become your worst enemies.  However, in our opinion, Ballentine always seemed to be like many other activists whom would defend people in the media, but allegedly may not necessarily care about them while allegedly kissing up to those whom resent being black.  According to Joy105.comBallentine was charged with two counts of bank fraud, two counts of making false statements to lenders, and one count each of mail fraud and wire fraud in a six-count indictment returned Jan. 24 by a federal grand jury.  We have never been a fan of Warren Ballentine for various reasons.   However, to defraud people out of their money is very wrong, only if he is guilty.

In the meantime, we will keep Warren Ballentine in our prayers and sincerely hope he fully surrenders his life to Christ, so God can work on his behalf during his trial.

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Warren Ballentine is fired and if convicted faces 30 years in prison

A popular south suburban Chicago lawyer and national radio host was indicted Monday on federal charges of mortgage of fraud.

Warren Ballentine, who bills himself as the “people’s attorney,” and whose radio show airs locally on 106.3-FM radio starting at 9 a.m. weekdays, is...Read full article, here.


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