Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black Church News: African Woman, Jane Kuria Went to Heaven and Hell: Celebrity preachers, are you going to preach about hell?

Brothers and sisters in Christ, like Mary K. Baxter who actually saw ministers burning in hell, because they preached for fame and fortune, this dear sister saw the same thing.  Respectively, many of you celebrity preachers whom do not mind holding the title as a prosperity preacher, what are you going to do when God says that's it, your life has come to an end?

There are a lot of you whom claim to be called by God, but you do not want to follow and preach God's full commandments.   All of these people whom have been to hell have similar testimonies.   Are you willing to risk your soul in eternal hell and damnation?   Time is running out saints, once our lives are judged before God and His angels, there is no return, except for those whom are allowed to come back and give a testimony until the day they enter eternal life.   Therefore, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, be careful when you hear these testimonies and do not take them lightly.  

Jane Kuria is a beautiful sister in Christ who was praying and crying out to God when she had a supernatural experience.  Jesus Christ took her to heaven, she saw a huge gold door, which was the entrance to heaven, then he took her to hell before she could actually tour heaven.   Minister Kuria was guided by two angels and she saw worms on the flesh of many souls.  She saw people burning and one of those groups of people were ministers who preached for fame and fortune among sinners whom did not accept Christ.  When she mentioned the ministers, our minds took us back to Minister Mary K. Baxter's testimony, including Bishop Earthquake Kelley who also said God not pleased with preachers preaching for fame and fortune.  

Dear sisters and brothers, God is saying repent.  Repent before it is everlasting too late.  Humble yourselves before the almighty throne of God.   The Word of God is not for profit, it is only meant to save, heal and deliver souls from the pit of hell.  Repent, thus saith the Lord before it is everlasting too late.   If you preachers continue to preach for fame and fortune, then sinners will continue to think your ministry is nothing but for game and gain.  You must be serious about God's business, before He says, 'Enough is enough...'  Therefore, we all want hear Jesus to say, 'well done thy good and faithful servant.'  God bless you SCR readers. 

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