Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black Church News: Detroit Pastor asking for public's help to catch church thieves

Pastor Roderick Dallas of Detroit will now beef up security, now someone broke into his church and stole over $15,000 worth of equipment.  He admits they had a camera, but not to record taped images, only live ones. The thieves broke into his church by using a claw hammer and a pair of scissors.  Although, it would make sense to tightened security on the church building, what happened to holding revivals and prayer meetings on a weekly or even daily basis?

According to
detroit.cbslocal.com , churches have always been targeted in the city of Detroit, so bad, some ministers used to carry handguns for protection.  That's terrible that this is nothing new for the ministers there.  Therefore, the pastors need something much stronger than handguns, they need to anointing of the Holy Ghost.  Of course, it is wise to make sure the church building has tight security, but there are too many souls whom need to attend weekly revivals, so the crime rate can go down, because this is a spiritual battle saints of God.  There are demonic powers that continue to dominate cities like Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, New York others.  We can't see them but they're always carrying out duties for Satan.  If there was more focus on saving souls in the modern day churches (not necessarily Pastor Dallas church), than focusing on entertainment, we would began to see criminal activity decline, even when these thieves try to break into churches.

We feel very bad for Pastor Roderick Dallas, but God really expects he and others hold regular revivals and prayer meetings while also making sure his church has tight security.  In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Dallas in our prayers.

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Detroit Churches Step Up Security After Crimes

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) - Some Detroit churches are stepping up security following crime that’s included break-ins and muggings.

Pastor Roderick Dallas said his church, True Gospel Tabernacle on Ryan Road near 8 Mile Road in northeast Detroit, was forced to step up security efforts after someone stole $15,000 worth of...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: www.wxyz.com
Source: detroit.cbslocal.com

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