Monday, March 25, 2013

Black Church News: Religious leaders fight against guns in churches

Saints of God, we're living in an evil day when some religious leaders have to fight against guns in churches.   Do you recall back in the day when we were young kids and teenagers when the thought of guns inside of God's house was unheard of?  Church was so sacred and the presence of God was so obvious, people with guns were afraid to even think of shooting on sacred ground. 

It's so sad, we now live in an evil society that so much violence has even took place in God's House, a bill could be passed to make it legal for people to have the right to carry their guns into sanctuaries.  

Black Clergy members have been pleading with lawmakers, telling Republican leaders pushing the bill that they never asked for it. The bill initially allowed permitted gun owners to bring their weapons into houses of worship, but lawmakers changed it, banning guns unless church leaders decide otherwise.   

Just a few weeks ago, we heard that some clergy members had been carrying guns for many years in Detroit.  However, if more pastors would not condone sin, preach against it, teach complete righteousness while being completely holy themselves and insist on regular revivals across the nation, the subject of guns within God's House would not even be considered among politicians.  One of the main reasons why we feel violence has crept on church grounds across the nation, is simply because many churches refuse to believe in sacredness, set apart from the world.

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Religious leaders fight against guns in churches

ATLANTA —There are just three days remaining in this year's legislative session, and Republican lawmakers are working behind the scenes to come up with a compromise on a bill that expands the rights of legal gun owners.
Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary has been following the issue for months. She was at the state Capitol, where supporters and...Read full article, here.



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