Thursday, March 28, 2013

Black Church News: Texas pastor Rebukes Victoria's Secret marketing to teens

Black church, we think it is about time you pay close attention to what is going with sin in our country, not just homosexuality, but what is also going on with other types of sin that targets our young people.  Pastors and other clergy members within the black church should think very seriously about preaching against issues that negatively effects our families, not just leave it up to white Christians and ministers.   

This Houston pastor, Rev. Evan Dolive loves his daughter so much, he is speaking out against Victoria's secrets advertisements that appear very seductive to targets teen girls.

We want you to know God is very pleased with Rev. Evan Dolive's tweets against Victoria's Secret, because he's not just speaking out for his daughter, but also young girls all over America.  You see preachers of the black church, when you speak out against issues that may negatively effect someone very close and precious to you, you will automatically help and protect others whom should not been negatively influenced by any type of sin.  This sin we are speaking of is lust.  By Victoria Secret allegedly revealing teen girls wearing seductive fashions may entice men to go after them even more.

In the meantime, we will keep Rev. Evan Dolive in our prayers and may God bless Him for being bold, not only for his daughter, but for the entire body of Christ.   It's time black church to no longer be afraid to reveal righteousness to this nation, so we can make this a better and safe country for our children.

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Texas pastor chides Victoria's Secret marketing to teens


Short-shorts, skimpy bikinis and lace underwear with catchy slogans are all part of a new collection by Victoria's Secret.

A Texas pastor is now taking on the lingerie company for marketing its...Read full article, here.

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