Monday, March 11, 2013

Black Church News: Will we ever hear Michael Whitsey's Good sermons again?

After hearing one of Michael Whitsey's good sermons, at his, we wonder how such a man of God's Word could go back to selling drugs?  It seems like this former pastor had a good handful of church members and saying all the good things people need to hear. Pastor Whitsey had an inspiring testimony when he preached, 'Seeing Yourself the Way God Sees You.'   

According to Whitsey's ministry website, it allegedly reads:  'In 1993, Apostle Mike & First Lady Michele started the first of four businesses.  Throughout thier business endeavors, they employed over 1.058 employees throughout five major cities.'  Why would Pastor Whitsey turn back to selling drugs, after employing so many people, years ago?

Pastor Michael Whitsey talks about how he was in prison once before and he sought God.  We will definitely pray for him to repent if he's guilty, because people need an honest man of God to keep encouraging them.  If God delivered him once, then certainly He will have mercy on him, if he is remorseful for allegedly money laundering and dealing drugs and deliver him again.  We pray Michael Whitsey seeks God, again and never returns to his former life as a drug dealer.  

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  Watch Video

WSMV Channel 4  

Pastor arrested on money laundering charges


A Middle Tennessee pastor, first exposed by the Channel 4 I-Team for collecting money from his congregation but never telling them the church was in foreclosure, was arrested on federal charges of money laundering related to narcotics distribution.

In an indictment filed Sep. 19, a federal grand jury charged Michael Whitsey on 10 counts of money laundering...Read full article, here.

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