Monday, March 11, 2013

Celebrity News: Black Women, Sanders' custody battle enters second week with Tracy Edmonds Testimony

Well for all of you whom have been following the story of Deion and Pilar Sanders' ugly divorce and now the custody battle, this is week two for their court case.  Now, allegedly one of the attorneys in the custody battle has questioned Deion Sanders girlfriend, Tracy Edmonds (music celebrity, Babyface ex-wife), claiming that the two met during his marriage to Pilar, something Deion denies, which you will hear on this following video.

Isn't this the ugly side of the celebrity lifestyle?  The wife enjoys the status of being the married  to a successful man for a while, but eventually there's usually another woman who doesn't mind seeing him, no matter how he allegedly hurts the wife.

Now as we mentioned in our above introduction, Deion Sanders denies he and Edmonds affair. He allegedly claims they met and began dating after his separation from Pilar. However, if he still professes to be a born again Christian, it is not right for him to allegedly make false statements in the court of law.  Furthermore, this is sad for many of us who recall seeing he and his estranged wife ministering on TBN, the christian broadcasting station.  As a celebrity, it is very difficult to remain true to your spouse when there are some women whom are out to take her place, if this is the case.

Allegedly, Tracy Edmonds testified about projects the two have worked on. Edmonds, a TV producer from California, met Mr. Sanders while he was shooting a TV pilot and still together with Pilar, according to our  Of course, someone is not telling the truth. 

However, in the meantime we will keep Deion and Pilar Sanders in our prayers. 

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Sanders' custody battle enters second week 


Deion and Pilar Sanders' child custody trial went into its second week Monday, with Mr. Sanders' current girlfriend and a long-time friend and employee testifying.

Deion Sanders' current girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, testified about projects the...Read full article, here.

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