Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celebrity News: FBI release Whitney Houston files, revealing singer was blackmailed

We feel very bad we are just now hearing about the late Queen of Love Ballads, Whitney Houston being blackmailed by an unidentified Chicago lawyer and also an obsessed fan.  Our source reveals after the FBI interviewed the Houston and her father, they both claimed to know the black mailer and knew she would not ever do anything to hurt Whitney Houston, but the music celebrity's father sent the woman a sum of money, anyway, according to revealed the FBI documents of Whitney Houston's files. The documents reveal the letters from an obsessed fan, which caused somewhat suspicion.  When we read the article of her allegedly being blackmailed, we were shocked of what she had to endure when she was alive.  We feel very bad Whitney or her father allegedly did not want the FBI to question the attorney whom was trying to blackmail her, but all this proves is that deep down inside, the Houstons are just good people, not necessarily afraid of anyone.  However, shame on this unidentified attorney for making threats, if she wanted money all she had to do what advance her own career to prosper.  Greed is a terrible thing and one thing these blackmailers don't seem to realize is that having money is only for a season, life is more valuable than having it.  

Furthermore, it's strange how the FBI sometimes allegedly reveals documents after the death of a celebrity, which sort of reminds us in the case of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  

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FBI release Whitney Houston files, revealing singer was blackmailed

by Sean Michaels

The FBI has released 128 pages from its file on Whitney Houston, revealing details of an apparently successful blackmail plot, as well as an investigation into an obsessed fan.

Released in response to a freedom of information request, the FBI's documents cover 11 years of threats against the singer, from 1988 to 1999. But the pages are heavily redacted – in many cases, to the point of incomprehensibility.

Sometimes the redactions are tantalising. In late 1992, an unidentified Chicago lawyer wrote to Houston's New Jersey-based production company stating that unless the singer paid...Read full article, here.

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