Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Celebrity News: Jury decides custody of Deion Sanders' children

In case you're wondering what's been going on in the custody battle of Deion Sanders, here is the update.  Deion has been giving full custody of his two sons and he and Pilar will share custody of their daughter.   He walked out of the court room with his hands up in the air, one of the times, we did not hear him mention the name Jesus as a professed Christian, not even when he spoke of having moved with his life, according to the following video.  

SCR readers, we know you've read our previous article when Tracy Edmonds, Deion's girlfriend was on the witness stand earlier this week. Possibly, this is why he threw out about moving on in his private life, possibly Edmonds is still in town. Furthermore, you probably recall Pilar's attorneys allegedly touching on the accusation of Deion's affair with Edmonds during their marriage, something he denied on the news.

Pilar on the hand is very upset and says the ruling was nothing but prejudicial, not all the facts were allowed to be heard in court.  For any woman to lose custody of her children to their father is painful, because she bore them.  In our opinion, if she's a good mother she should have partial custody.  

In the meantime, we will keep Pilar and her estranged husband Deion in our prayers.

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Jury decides custody of Deion Sanders' children 


McKINNEY — A Collin County jury ruled Tuesday that Deion Sanders will get primary custody of his three children with estranged wife Pilar.

It took the jury just one hour and 44 minutes to reach a decision.

The couple's only daughter will get shared custody between Deion and Pilar; the two sons...Read full article, here.

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