Friday, March 8, 2013

Celebrity News: Leaders Arrive in Venezuela for Chavez Funeral

About 30 international politicians will arrive in Venezuela to pay their respects to Hugo Chavez.  As you probably already know, the late leader of Venezuela had been suffering with cancer for two years.  Many people remember him as a problem solver when it came to impoverished citizens in his country.  Many Americans are also mourning and admitting it will be hard to find a great leader like him who changed things for the better and cared so much about people.  

A great man is gone too soon at the age of 58, may Hugo Chavez rest in peace.


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Leaders Arrive in Venezuela for Chavez Funeral

 by KTLA 5 Web Staff

(CNN) — The funeral for Hugo Chavez is Friday, but his final resting place will not be a cemetery.

In an unexpected twist, it was announced that the Venezuelan president will be embalmed “just like Lenin (and) Mao Zedong” and laid to rest at a military museum where generations of Venezuelans can visit.

It is a reminder that Chavez’s image a symbol of hope to some and ineptitude to others...Read full article, here.

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