Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebrity News: NFL player Donte Stallworth and companion stable burned after Florida air balloon crash

Thank God NFL celebrity, Donte Stallworth is very much alive, including his companion after being severely burned in a balloon crash.  The hot air balloon collided with a power lines as they fell to the ground.  This is a miracle, this man and his girlfriend could have been dead right now, but it is nothing but the grace of God, they are still alive.

Often times, God allows some celebrities to endure tragedies for a reason.  One of the reasons is so that they can be a witness to their fans.  However, many of them do not survive tragedies, this is why we feel God has a purpose for Donte and his girlfriend.  Furthermore, they are both blessed to always be reminded of their miracle whenever they look at their burns.    We do not know if you recall, but back in 2009, Stallworth was involved in a deadly car accident that killed a pedestrian, it seems like God could be trying to get his attention for some reason.

Whether you're a celebrity or not, you have to be very careful riding in those air balloons.  It's not all the time, one survives a crash.  Take a minute and read about Edward Ristaino found dead, may he rest in peace.

May God bless them both and in the meantime, we will keep them in our prayers.

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NFL player stable with severe burns after Florida air balloon crash

From Janet DiGiacomo and John Branch, CNN

(CNN) -- Pro football player Donte Stallworth was in stable condition Sunday after a hot air balloon he was riding in crashed into power lines, his lawyer said.

Doctors at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital were treating Stallworth and a...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video:
Source: ESPN 

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