Friday, March 8, 2013

Celebrity News: Pilar alleges domestic abuse, steroid use by Deion Sanders

Pilar Sanders testified before the court that her estranged husband Deion Sanders was taking steroids in their home and she did not want her children around that sort of behavior.  However, the judge said the pictures she revealed to the jury of Deion's practicing steroids for fitness were not admissible in court.   Allegedly, Deion Sanders tweeted his body has been consistent, in otherwards he allegedly denies steroids usage.

Pilar also brought up claims, regarding Deion's violent behavior, allegedly saying he threatened to hit her with a bat.  Another time, Deion tried to allegedly choke Pilar, after being embarrassed during a filming of a TV pilot, according to  These claims along with his alleged steroids usage may help persuade the judge in this custody battle.

Furthermore, there was an accusation by Deion's attorney that Pilar was posting seductive photos on her Facebook page and You Tube, which will help persuade the judge's decision if she is fit to win this custody battle.

Deoin will get his chance to set on the witness stand and tell his side of the story Monday.  We wonder what will his testimony be?

In the meantime, we will keep both Deion and his estranged with, Pilar Sanders in our prayers.

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Estranged wife alleges domestic abuse, steroid use by Deion Sanders 


The Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce trial continued to be heated Friday, with Ms. Sanders raising allegations of domestic abuse and steroid use by the NFL hall of famer.

Pilar Sanders took the stand Friday challenging whether Mr. Sanders is fit to have custody of...Read full article, here.

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