Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebrity Preachers of the (black) church, will you share Victoria Nahales Testimony about hell?

Respectively, we ask you celebrity preachers whom are preaching for fame and fortune, will you be willing to share this saved woman's testimony about hell with your congregants and also your friends in ministry?  Victoria Nahales testimony is not only about how she went to heaven with Jesus Christ, but he also showed her hell.   Celebrity preachers of mega ministries we ask you, are you forewarning your financial supporters about hell?  There is too much information shared from your pulpits about prosperity and not enough truth about the reality of hell.

True brothers and sisters of Christ, this is very serious information, sent from Jesus Christ.   He used our dear sister, Victoria Nahales to forewarn us about hell and why certain people and even some Christians go there.  If you regularly read our blog, you will acknowledge, we have other testimonies from others who went to hell with Jesus on our videos page. We are not just talking to you celebrity preachers within the black church, but also other races within ministry whom only preach what you think people want to hear.   Respectively, please listen to Victoria Nahales testimony about how Jesus met with her and gave her precise instruction to share with us.  The journalists of SCR would like for you rich and famous celebrity preachers and even all of you whom do not retain a celebrity status to share Victoria's testimony not only with your church members, but also those whom visit your conferences.  

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