Friday, March 22, 2013

First Baptist Dallas shows off new downtown campus

For Easter Sunday 2013, the First Baptist Dallas church will have a brand new place of worship.   In case you don't recall who is the pastor of this huge church, he is the controversial minister who allegedly and un-apologetically opposes homosexuality based on God's Word.  Pastor Robert Jeffress says the new worship facility is not just for church members to enjoy, but also the city of Dallas to be very proud of.

First Baptist Dallas new church facility costs $130-million.  Jeffress says the Fountain Plaza symbolizes the scriptural role of water and the children's center designed by the former designer of Disney, Incorporated, according to

We are very sure with a new beautiful church building like this, First Baptist Dallas will attract thousands more congregants to hear the Word of God preached by Pastor Jeffress.  The pastor has also proven you don't have to be disobedient to God's Word and be a follower of what is sinfully popular in order to have a mega ministry.

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First Baptist Dallas shows off new downtown campus 


DALLAS -- The First Baptist Church in downtown Dallas is literally finishing work on its new campus, which will open on Easter Sunday.

And Thursday, News 8 got a sneak peek of what members and visitors will see when the...Read full article, here.


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