Monday, March 18, 2013

Hollywood News: Lindsay Lohan Takes Plea Deal to avoid jail time, Dad Yells at Attorney

For a while, we will see Lindsay Lohan staying out of trouble, she has been sentenced to be locked up in rehab to avoid jail time.  Here it is SCR readers, she will be locked up in rehab for 90 days, committed to community service for 30 days, psychotherapy for 18 months and Lohan will be on probation for 2 years.  Finally, she will have to pay for driving recklessly and allegedly lying to police about being the driver at the time of the car wreck.

Outside of the court room her father, Michael Lohan had an argument with Lindsay Lohan's attorney.   In our opinion, it is very wrong for her father to be angry with her attorney, for they took over Lohan's case when her previous attorney, Shawn Holley resigned from representing her in anymore court cases. As we already know, Holley was not paid attorney fees of over $300,000 and allegedly, Lohan claimed she forgot to pay her.  Holley represented Lohan for a longtime and stood by her.  Now on Monday,  her father was shouting in front of the news cameras accusing her attorneys of only wanting money from his daughter.  It should be obvious there is a possibility, the Lohan's just don't want to pay up, although Lohan has been in trouble with the law, for too long now.

We have never seen a grown woman being so overprotected by her father to the extent of him having a shouting match with reporters on TV.   It should be obvious who and what could be the alleged problem behind Lohan's troubles, a man who spoils who's daughter and not allowing her to grow up.

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