Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hollywood News: Russell Crowe claims he spotted a UFO

For many years, human beings have always claimed to have spotted UFO's in the sky. Now, famous Hollywood actor, Russell Crowe claims he spotted a UFO. What is so awkward about UFO sightings is that some people identify them as fallen angels, you know demons coming up from hell.  The video of his sighting was originally uploaded on You Tube.

On the following You Tube video, Chuck Missler speaks about UFOs as we are in the end times.  UFO's allegedly, Missler says aliens are demonic and are not galactical.  

On the third following video, L.A. Marzulli allegedly admits the aliens kidnapped and implanted a microchip in a man who requested his doctor remove it, that microchip has to do with the mark of the beast.  This chip changes a person's DNA.  Marzulli answers Roth's question, are there flying saucers?  He says they are inter dimensional beings, they are highly malevolent, they are evil, pernicious and they have an agenda.  He says it goes back to Genesis 6, which mentions the fallen angels.

Watch Video

Watch Sid Roth - Chuck Missler: Are UFOs Real?

Watch Videos about aliens, fallen angels implanting chips in human beings

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Source: You Tube, fadeawayintonothing1

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