Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lauren Drains allegedly says Westboro Baptist Church brainwashed her

This story sort of reminds us of some former members of the Church of Scientology whom have allegedly complained about brainwashing.  This young woman name Lauren Drain allegedly says that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church feels God appointed them to speak out.   Her family is still with the church and allegedly will not have anything to do with her, similar to some other religious cults.  Allegedly, her family responded and says her book is full of lies, according to

Why is it whenever there is a victim who speaks out for what is right against any religious organization they get mistreated and are blamed for being honest?   Lauren Drain would not be speaking out, if she was not offended in some way in our opinion.    Allegedly, she says the members of the Westboro Baptist Church manipulate children to believe they are doing right by protesting against certain things within our society they do not agree with.

Now, if you know anything about the Westboro Baptist Church, they speak out against a lot of things, homosexuality in particular.   Of course, we agree it is a sin to be gay or lesbian and there is a hell for all sinners, not just for homosexuals.  However, the way that they do it shows a lack of love and the Bible told us in I John 4:8, 'God is love.'   So, if God is love, shouldn't we show love to sinners, although we still believe there is a hell for them?  They may not believe it, but whether they agree with us or not, God also put haters in hell.  Now we went to find their website on Google and this is what we came up with:   We do not think God condones Christians calling people fags while yet telling them they are wrong for the way they live.  You cannot win homosexuals to Jesus Christ and call them names.

We hope all goes well for Lauren Drain and pray that she is able to not be troubled about her family allegedly disowning her.   This is why we have the body of Christ, the real family for all outcasts whom feel unloved and unwanted.  God bless her for her honesty, we are sure she will help many people.

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