Friday, March 29, 2013

Norfolk VA. pastor is arraigned on child porn charges

Pastor David Smith of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church has been arrested for child porn charges.  However, Pastor Smith has admitted to the crime and also, he needs help.  SCR readers, not too often do we hear of pastors and other types clergy members admitting to their crimes against children.   We are not letting Pastor Smith off the hook, but the only way these ministers can be helped is to admit they were wrong. 

You know, there is such a demonic force that has been moving in various ministries and we are not just speaking of within the black church.  The Devil does not care what race he uses, just as long as he deceives people into thinking it is alright to be a hypocrite while preaching God's Word.  Satan has an agenda and many of you whom have not been fasting and praying against this demonic spirit are partly responsible.  Ministry is not about entertainment, it's about saving souls.  We must unite and demand Satan to flee, because too many of these preachers of various denominations are possessed with a demon of all sorts of lust, not just against children.

Pastor David Smith looked back and mouthed something to his wife who allegedly sat in court crying as she watched the sheriff's escort him back to jail.  This must be a very horrific experience for any first lady to deal with and we do pray for her, including this pastor.

Saints of God, it is time for preachers to preach complete righteousness, not to just parishioners, but also clergy members.   It is time to have revivals that insist on preachers remaining holy in their personal lives while preaching complete holiness to all members within the body of Christ. In other-wards, these prestigious conferences are not working and it is time to return to only having revivals to save souls and make sure they acknowledge the importance to remain cleansed from all types of sins that could place them in eternal hell and damnation.

There is a school attached to Pastor David Smith's church, but the church officials allegedly claim he is not allowed back on the premises and has been placed on leave.   Also, they assured the press, he has not violated any children at Trinity Lutheran School.  

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Pastor David Smith and his wife, but also this entire church family.  It must be very hard to deal with learning of this news during this week of Christ's resurrection. 

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Attorney: Pastor admits having child porn

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - An attorney representing a Norfolk pastor charged with possession child pornography says his client admitted to authorities to having the images. spoke to Howard Copeland after David Smith's arraignment in Norfolk Thursday morning. Copeland said he...Read full article, here.

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