Friday, March 8, 2013

Shawnee pastor arrested in federal child porn investigation

We don't mean any harm, but after viewing the following video, we've come to realize some white Christians are just as ignorant as some black ones whom excuse their pastor's lust as only being human.    Folks, we're talking about child porn.   This man in the above photo, Jerry Barham and his good friend, Melissa Loman have both been arrested for child porn.   Yes, we are all human, but God wants us to draw a fine line from sin, especially when it involves children.   It's not human to be involved with children, it's an animistic behavior.

This world is sick, the church is always complaining about gay marriages and the homosexuals are taking over this world.   What about this nasty business of these pastors fooling around with children?  When is it going to stop?  Now, by the name of Grace Fellowship Church, we can assume this could be a full gospel church, no doubt one that always preaches against sin or maybe it's a non-traditional church, going by the 'New Testament' title.   Whatever church it is, this is sickening and this church had no business with a packed house after this pastor and his accomplice was arrested.   Allegedly, he still has supporters and a church member told reporters to get lost when he was approached about his pastor's alleged lust demon of child porn.

Yes, this is the place, a "so-called" place of worship.    It needs to be shut down, no church should have a pastor whom is involved with pornography of any sort.   

The hair dresser next door allegedly says she's been knowing Pastor Jerry Barham for 20 years and he's a family man who's been married to his wife for about 50 years. It's so sad to admit, but usually these are the types of men whom are caught in this sort of mess. They appear to be walking upright before God and faithful to their families, but behind closed doors they continue to be mischievous until they are caught in a scandal such as this one.    We want to tell you, it does not matter how long this man has been married to his wife or how close knit of a family they appear to be with their children, this man needs to step out of the pulpit, because he's not a man of God if he is guilty of child porn charges.    We don't call it human, we call it sick and nasty. No wonder the church is so messed up these days, these are the same pastors whom call themselves casting demons out of other people while transferring their own demons into them.  Whom do you have the right to rebuke when you should be rebuked yourself?

In the meantime, we will be praying for Pastor Duane Barham and hope he repents before it's everlasting too late, including his younger accomplice, Melissa Loman.

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Shawnee pastor arrested in federal child porn investigation       Jerry Duane Barham, 66; Melissa Loman, 33, arrested

On February 1, FBI agents arrested Shawnee residents Jerry Duane Barham, 66, and Melissa Renee Loman, 33. Barham is the pastor at Grace Fellowship New Testament Church in Shawnee, investigators confirmed.

There are very few details because the affidavit is sealed. It will not be unsealed until formal charges are filed, investigators said. Both suspects are...Read full article, here.

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