Saturday, March 16, 2013

Testimony, Man Says He Died and Went to Hell: Preachers in the Black Church are you preaching about hell?

Preachers in the black church whom are becoming so universal in your ministry, you should take heed to this man's testimony.  He actually died and went to hell.  Bryan Melvin accidentally drank contaminated water while on the job in Mexico and saw Jesus Christ.  Jesus unlocked hell with an odd shaped key and let him go in there to see what it was like so he could come back and tell us about it.
Many of you are afraid to preach the truth, because you don't want to be talked about, but fear will take you to hell, according to Mary K. Baxter's testimony.  On our videos page, Mary K. Baxter saw and heard preachers forever burning in hell, because they did not preach the entire Word of God.  

We respectively want to forewarn you about wanting to be accepting so much by popular celebrity preachers whom have been seeking fame and fortune, instead of preaching complete holiness.   This man may not have saw everything similar to Mary K. Baxter, regarding the preachers, but-he preached about an eternally tormented place, many of you fail to preach about.   Many of you want to be a part of the elite and mingle with celebrities in the world, let us assure you, Jesus is not happy about it.  You need to seriously think about preaching about this place where millions of souls are burning and will never get out. God bless you.

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Man Dies Went To Hell What he Saw (Testimony)


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