Friday, April 26, 2013

Black Church News: Harlem church sues toymaker because doll not black enough

You know, the black church could celebrate this man's effort against this toy maker for not making a doll black/dark enough.   However, too many black people do not even appreciate God for their dark skin and some light ones do not even like being black.  So, why fight for something that many African Americans do not desire to be? Jermaine Grant of the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ obviously thinks he has enough energy to do so. 

  According to, Jermaine Grant, who goes by 'Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah,' once prophesized a vengeful black Jesus would enslave all white people, according to Southern Poverty Law Center.  If this was true, why wouldn't He also enslave black people whom are yet killing each other in the 21st century? 

After the way so many black people have killed each other with words and weapons, it's about time they seek God.   In our opinion, it is the black church's duty to spread the word that there are some militant black people who will fry in hell for not realizing that our battle is not color, but the problem is Satan who will us every color.   Many times, it is blacks against blacks, whether it's dark against dark, light against dark or vice versa.  The bottom line is, if we do not realize that many within the black race whom fight because of racial discrimination are some of the same ones whom murder their own kind in many ways, God will be angry.  For this reason, the same Devil that is behind white supremacists is behind black people whom try to destroy those whom look like them.   

Think about it, some of the most influential dead people whom fought for black rights could be burning in hell right now, because they did not satisfy God's expectations of them.  Therefore, what good would it do for any black church leader to be militant and fight for something many black people do not even care about?  We have some some of the most dark people whom deny they have dark skin.  Some have even said thank you to some light skin people whom have lied and told them, they are really not that dark.   Therefore, it pays for Pastor Jermaine Grant to realize many African Americans will be in hell for not loving their dark skin God gave them.  Before he fights for a doll to be dark, shouldn't he preach to many black people who resent their dark skin and Afrocentric features?   Doesn't it pay to preach that the main thing is, if they do not repent, serve God and stop hating each other, they will go to hell just like any other race?   

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