Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Black Church News: Minneapolis 105 Year Old Pastor Has No Plans To Retire

Wow, 105 years old, yet preaching to his followers at the Wayman AME Church in Minneapolis.  Pastor Noah Smith has been pastoring since he was 49 years old. While many modern day preachers no longer get on their knees, God has blessed this man of God to yet kneel with a lot of strength.

According to, Smith has no plans to retire ever. He said he tried that once when he was 90 and it didn’t work out too well.  No doubt, it is truly because Pastor Noah Smith is chosen by God.   How many pastors do we know live to be past 100 years old?   No doubt, he and his 95 year old wife, Hallie have both lived righteous lives and most likely took good care of themselvesGod bless Pastor Noah and First Lady Hallie Smith and may they both lived to be more than 100 years more.

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At 105, Mpls Pastor Has No Plans To Retire

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Sunday mornings at Wayman AME Church in Minneapolis brings a faithful crowd. But it’s quite likely no one there has said as many prayers as Noah Smith. It’s not just because he’s a preacher, it’s because he’s had more time to worship – over a century in fact.

At 105, Smith is still hard at work...Read full article, here.

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