Friday, April 19, 2013

Breaking News: One Boston bombing suspect dead, another on the run

A lot of people stood by and watched, after hearing an explosion at the shooting scene of one of the suspects who was responsible for the Boston bombing.  It's very sad that terrorists think they can get away with committing such a deadly crime.  What's even worse, a lot of times they end up dead after being on the run from police.

Saints of God, one of the things we noticed while listening to one of the heaven testimonies, is that God informed the individual that these things must come to pass.  Why?  Because of disobedience to His Word.   For too long, many people within America have been in rebellion and God is looking for the nation to repent.   No, we do not think God causes such a tragedy, but in His own words, He has no choice but to allow it, because of many people whom refuse to serve Him.   God not only wants sinners to repent, but He also expects the church to repent and fully submit to His will.   If you recognize, these tragic situations just do not occur out in the world, but we have seen various tragedies that have happened in the church.

In the meantime, we are praying for the victims of the Boston bombing and may they rest in peace.  Also, we are praying for those whom are still trying to overcome injuries. 

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One Boston bombing suspect dead, another on the run 
By Michael Pearson and Ben Brumfield, CNN

(CNN) -- Police sealed off densely populated portions the Boston metro area early Friday after a violent night of chasing the Boston Marathon terror suspects left one of the men and a police officer dead.

Police ordered businesses in the suburb of Watertown and nearby communities to stay closed and told residents to stay inside and answer the door for no one but...Read full article, here.

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