Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrity News: AEG Live to Put Michael Jackson on Trial in Own Death

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson may have been the greatest pop star in history.  However, now he could be the only one going to trial after his death in history.  There will be a trial although Jackson is dead, which AEG will try to reveal his death was his own fault, which will be the Jackson v. AEG Live trial.  

Saints of God, isn't this the way of the world?  You can become great and people may idolize you while you're living, but after you're gone, they no longer care about you, most of the time.   Everyone loved Michael Jackson, but the truth must be told, God has always been greater than any idol in the world.    In the world, the Devil may promise some secular artists fame and fortune, but there is a price, which sometimes could lead to not only death, but also some people revealing they do not care.

AEG Live to Put Michael Jackson on Trial in Own Death

by KTLA 5 Web Staff

Michael Jackson’s last concert promoter will defend itself in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the pop icon’s family by arguing that Jackson was responsible for his own demise.
 Child molestation accusations against Jackson, for which he was acquitted after a trial, and evidence of his drug addiction will likely be presented by AEG Live’s lawyers as they argue...Read full article, here.

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