Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hollywood News: FOX Pulls ‘Family Guy’ Episode Referring to Deaths at Boston Marathon

We don't think it's very entertaining to create an episode, making mockery of the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon.   Why would the producer of this show, 'Family Guy' allegedly do such a thing? 

TV comedy is not what it used to be, nowadays there are too many television producers whom do not care how the victims and family feel, after they have endured such an horrific tragedy.  We question what type of viewers who watch 'Family Guy', because it seems as though the show is very inconsiderate to those whom hurt. Now wonder we have a lot of American people whom do not consider the offended emotions of others. It is nothing funny about the tragic occurrences that took place at the Boston Marathon.

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FOX Pulls ‘Family Guy’ Episode Referring to Deaths at Boston Marathon

By: Julie Chang, Entertainment Anchor
Posted by: Jeffrey Thomas DeSocio, Digital News Editor / Producer
(FOX 11 / AP) FOX has pulled from websites a recent episode of "Family Guy" that depicts mass deaths at the Boston Marathon, and has no immediate plans to air it again.

Fox spokeswoman Gaude Paez said Tuesday the episode has been removed from and
In the episode...Read full article, here.

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