Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hollywood News: Reese Witherspoon booked in Atlanta jail

Here, you can see the famous Hollywood actress being released from handcuffed by the Georgia State trooper who arrested her.   Reese Witherspoon is booked today in Atlanta jail.  Now, we've heard how dangerous the jails are in AtlantaWe wonder how is it for a Hollywood celebrity to be among the average inmates?  

We have given the latest details on Reese Witherspoon's arrest and how she apologized for trying to scare the trooper about her celebrity status.  In case you don't recall, this all began when her husband was pulled over by the Georgia state trooper and he was allegedly drunk.   She kept getting out of the car, yelling at the officer, when he tried to tell her to remain in the car.  However, when she shouted out, 'do you know who I am,' she got the worst shock of her life.   Her announcement did not frighten the trooper at all, he then arrested her, along with her husband.   Eventually, she apologized for her statement and misconduct.

As we've mentioned in our first previous articles, we admire her honesty of being wrong and for her remorse, because the average Hollywood celebrity would not have done so.

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Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Reese Witherspoon booked in Atlanta jail

ATLANTA - FOX 5 has obtained exclusive video of Reese Witherspoon under arrest by Georgia State Patrol troopers.

The video shows Witherspoon with her hands cuffed behind her back getting out of...Read full article, here.


Source, Photo and Video:MyFoxAtlanta.com


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