Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hollywood News: 'Young And The Restless' Star Claims She Was Homeless After Being Blacklisted

This Hollywood actress, Brenda Dickson who was once homeless reveals in a new book she was homeless, after being blacklisted by a Hollywood producer.   If you ever spoke your mind on a job or in college, then you know what it is like to be blacklisted, it's nothing nice.  Being blacklisted makes it difficult to survive and the only way to defeat it, is to create your own wealth, which can be somewhat difficult, at first. 

It's a shame how people use this treacherous system to enslave people when they are not satisfied with them not being timid.   Why doesn't this surprise us?  As you know, there are many Hollywood celebrities whom are puppets and they do not have their own lives, simply because those whom give them a paycheck control their lives, allegedly.  In Brenda Dickson's new book she claims,  book, "My True Hidden Hollywood Story," Dickson claims William J. Bell hired "Mafia cartel judges and attorneys" to "ruin" her life, and finally after 30 years, she's fighting back, according to HuffingtonPost.com.
Brenda Dickson is very strong to write a tell all book, we wish her the best.  

Brenda Dickson Was Once Homeless: 'Young And The Restless' Star Claims She Ended Up Broke & Homless After Being Blacklisted 

Former soap opera star Brenda Dickson claims she ended up broke and homeless after being blacklisted by Hollywood producer William J. Bell.

The New York Post reports that in the former "Young and the Restless" star's new book, "My True Hidden Hollywood Story," Dickson claims Bell hired "Mafia cartel judges and...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: huffingtonpost.com

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