Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pastor Joel Osteen Not Angry at Prankster who started Internet Hoax

Joel Osteen allegedly says he's not angry at the guy who started an Internet hoax, spreading a lie that he left Christianity.   Although, Lakewood Church is looking into this website, Pastor Osteen says he does not feel like a victim.  

It's very sad when people spread lies and this does not surprise us since Pastor Osteen has just stood strong against gay marriage. Joel Osteen is revealing how strong he really is as a child of God.  No matter how difficult it may seem at first, we as Christians must learn not to show any hostility towards those whom create stories that are not true. 

We are very sure, Satan would like for Joel Osteen to turn away from sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ into a non-believer, but it will never happen.  We know Pastor Osteen may not have always denounced sin, the way we expected him to, but he's a very intelligent man, too smart for the Devil to decive him into turning away from Jesus Christ.

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Joel Osteen abdication prankster ‘ready for battle’ — if the Lakewood Church megachurch pastor decides to sue him over Internet hoax

So far, Joel Osteen seems prepared to turn the other cheek.

The target of an elaborate internet hoax that tricked many people into believing that the charismatic leader of Lakewood Church had forsaken his Christian faith, Osteen refused to say whether he planned to take legal action...Read full article, here.

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