Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Women Dies for 9 Minutes and Wakes Up in Heaven

Crystal McVea actually died for 9 minutes and spoke with Jesus Christ, effortlessly.   Now many of you whom regularly visit SCR know we keep you updated about supernatural encounters, from time to time and also feature these actual occurrences on our Videos page.   Let us encourage you to take time to listen to what happen when this woman died on the operating table and what she saw.

Crystal McVea mentions why it was so difficult to believe in God at first, because of the personal hardships she had to endure in her life as a child and teen.   Some of us can honestly relate how she felt before going to heaven.  A lot of times, trials in life can make you feel as though God does not exist, but Jesus Christ is real, regardless of how humans may mistreat you. 

It does not matter who fails you, who hurts you or offends you, Jesus Christ and heaven is very real.  Often times, the things we go through in life is necessary to help other people.  Many people do not have anyone to be there for them, so when we go through trials, God has appointed us to help and not turn our backs on them. 

We thank God for our dear sister, Crystal McVea and wish she and her family the best.  Also if you would like to order her book, go online and search for, 'Waking Up in Heaven', published by Simon and Schuster.

Watch Video

Watch Video


Source, Photo, Videos: FOX News/ Simon and Schuster

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