Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bishop T. D. and Serita Jakes Gives Encouragement to Mothers for Mother's Day

This following is very interesting, the first couple of the Potter's House gives encouragement to mothers on Mother's Day.  Although, we may not agree with their alleged liberal views within the church, we think it was very thoughtful for the both of them to think about mothers and say a special prayer for them on this very special day.

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Bishop T.D. & Lady Serita Jakes Encourage Moms: ‘You’re Doing A Good Job’

 By Yvonne Payton:: EEW Magazine News

This weekend, millions of families across America will celebrate the mothers and like-mother figures in their lives.

Bishop T.D. and First Lady Serita Jakes are offering up encouragement to mothers who make...Read full article, here.


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Photo and Video: Potter's House

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