Friday, May 24, 2013

Black Church News: Minister Christine Daniel Gets 14 Years in Prison for Selling Fake Cure for Cancer on TBN

God has already been displeased with prosperity preachers, it's a shame Dr. Christine Daniel allegedly scammed people out of their money for a cancer cure.   There have been all types of doctors who have been no good, but we cannot imagine a Pentecostal minister doing a thing like this. We suppose this is why it's good to have faith in God for a cure, instead of trusting such a scam.

According to the, the physician and ordained minister at Sonrise Medical Clinic originally faced up to 150 years behind bars and a $5.5 million fine after being convicted this week of federal fraud charges. 

It's a shame Christine Daniel allegedly was a professional, but used a scam to get millions of dollars.  Also, she did not report taxes, which is another thing that landed her in prison.

Saints of God, if God blesses you to get a degree, use it wisely, don't use to scam people out of their money and never represent His Kingdom as a scam artist.

In the meantime, we will pray for Minister Christine Daniel and sincerely hopes she makes it right with God and repent for what she has done.

Christine Daniel Punished for Selling Fake Cure for Cancer on TBN

Healthy habits may be able to prevent cancer, but don't count on Christine Daniel's herbal "C-Extract" to cure the disease. After all, C-Extract--and the false claims Daniel made about it--just landed her in federal prison for 14 years.

The Orange County Weekly reports that Daniel, a physician and Pentecostal minister who sold her C-Extract product on...Read full article, here.

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