Sunday, May 12, 2013

Black Church, God Shows Little Asian Girl Heaven, Hell and End of World

We encourage you Christians within the black church to start teaching your little kids about the heaven, hell and the rapture.  God allegedly showed this little Asian girl about hell and what the end of the world would be like.  Lately, we have been hearing a lot of children having visions about the heaven, hell and the rapture.  To be honest with you, a lot of black kids do not know the reality of the supernatural, it's time for you to insist on youth pastors giving more knowledge to the youth about the realities of hell, the rapture and including heaven at whatever church you attend.

Possibly, the reason why we are witnessing to much rebellion among the black youth within the black church is their parents are not being educated about the realities of hell and the end of the world. Of course, they don't mind hearing about heaven, but when it comes to repentance, many of them don't want to hear the truth.  So, they're young children and teens are getting in trouble just like those whom are raised by parents out in the world.   Therefore, if you have not been realizing we are approaching the end of times, then your children will not know the truth and they may grow up hell bound.  Now, do not say they are too young to know about it, because if the average kid within the black community are more grown up than children from years ago.   They are getting pregnant and selling drugs as young as six years old, so there is no excuse for not telling them about the judgement.  If God can show this little Asian girl the realities of hell and the end of the world, then surely you can insist on it being taught within the youth ministry at your church, as well as in your household.

Instead of just taking your child to church for hip hop, why don't you teach them to be more interested in learning about the reality of hell and the end of the world?  Why not, they're dying much younger now these days, anyway?  It's time for the black church to teach young people the importance of being holy and righteous and why we should be different from the world .  It is time the black church teach why God does not like sin and why sinners go to hell.

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