Sunday, May 12, 2013

Black Church News: Brazilian pastor arrested for alleged rape

Allegedly, Pastor Marcos Pereira raped six women.   Usually, we do not hear of many cases coming from Brazil, although we know there are some.   However, we assume this is a big case since Pastor Pereira is the head of Brazil's Assembly of God of the Latter Days church, according to

According to, Police had been investigating the pastor for a year and said he might have raped 20 other women since 1998.  One of the victims, a member of Pereira's church, was said to have been sexually abused from the age of 14 to 22.

We know we mostly give you news about some pastors molesting children and some sexually violating adults, but there are also other hypocrites in the pulpits in other countries.   Pastor Pereira is just one case, but let us assure you the Devil is using so many others to take advantage of people.

Pastor Pereira must be going on with his ministry, because his church website is up as though nothing ever happened.

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Brazilian pastor arrested for alleged rape 

A leading evangelical Christian pastor has been arrested in a Rio suburb for the alleged rape of six women, including three minors, police said.

Marcos Pereira, who has been head of Brazil's Assembly of God of the Latter Days church for the past 20 years, was detained late on...Read full article, here.



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