Sunday, May 19, 2013

Black Church News: Darlene McCoy Rebukes Prosperity Preachers Using Beyonce's Song

We think Darlene McCoy's creativity to rebuke prosperity preachers is very unique.  She used Beyonce's song, 'Irreplaceable' to speak directly to them, which many gospel artists could be afraid to do.  We never knew there was one left so strong to rebuke these slick pimp preachers.  In our opinion, McCoy sends a clear message out to these greedy preachers to 'stop misusing church members while enjoyimg your fame and fortune, prosperity preachers.' 

Darlene McCoy might as well be the one to rebuke these prosperity preachers, because the average gospel artist is so afraid, they will not get requested for a concert at the average mega church.   Anyway, we are living in an era when so many prosperity preachers are enjoying their wealth, some of them do not care about morals or even rebuking hip hop gospel artists for their carnality.  So, thank God McCoy using her talent, which God appreciates, because He's already spoken through certain ministers, He's is not pleased with these ministers preaching for fame and fortune.

 Watch Video

Source amd Photo: Darlene McCoy

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