Thursday, May 30, 2013

Black Clergy Coalition Led by Bishop Lance Davis & Rev. James Meeks Huge Impact on Stopping Gay Marriage in Illinois

As some of you already know Senator James Meeks is also a pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago.  He has already made a positive impact within the entire state of Illinois.  This time, him and Bishop Lance Davis are making a huge impact by stopping gay marriage in Illinois, although it is the home of our president.

We agree with Bishop Lance Davis on this following video when he said the gay community has already won their right for civil union.  Therefore, it is not right to push the agenda for gay marriage, enough is enough.

Saints of God, what would our nation be, if we had more powerful men of God like Senator, Pastor James Meeks and Bishop Lance Davis?  God does not want puppets running his kingdom, he wants courageous men of God like these two men.   Let's unite, fast and pray for God to put more righteous men to face the legislatures, so the laws can be in favor for what God's Word says, marriage is to be only between one man and one woman.  Let's push for every state to be a holy state, based solely on God's Word.

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Black Pastors Led by Bishop Lance Davis and Rev. James Meeks are Having a Huge Impact on Stopping Homosexual Marriage in Illinois, the President's Home State

The President's home state of Illinois could redefine marriage next week. LGBT activists are pushing a gay marriage bill but not without a challenge.

Illinois already recognizes civil unions. However, supporters of the same-sex marriage bill are finding major...Read full article, here.



Source and Photo: CBN


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