Monday, May 6, 2013

Catholic Priest, Father Steven Scheier Almost Went to Hell, Near Death Experience

Saints of God, we encourage you to watch the this entire video, featuring, Father Steven Scheier's near death experience.   This Catholic priest is very honest about how Jesus Christ actually almost put him in hell for his rebellion, allegedly.   Father Scheier also opens up about the hypocrisy in the priesthood.  SCR readers, for this priest to face judgement and almost be tossed into eternal reveals the seriousness of righteousness.   Jesus Christ is watching every priest, preacher, bishop, pastor, minister of music and church member.  He's watching each and every soul who does not do right by His Word.   We are to live a holy life and if we don't, hell is waiting beneath the earth.   Take heed and listen to Minister Scheier's testimony.  God bless.

Watch Video

Watch Entire interview, Father Steven Scheier's Judgment Experience 

Photo: You Tube video upload

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