Monday, May 20, 2013

Celebrity News: 87-year-old Woman does not Regret suing Donald Trump

Jacqueline Goldberg walked out of court with her head up high.  In her testimony, she allegedly said with courage, 'Somebody had to stand up to him.'  Now we admire her for that, simply because the average person idolizes Donald Trump and probably would be afraid to face him in court and boldly say those words.  We really with more people were like Goldberg.  

Furthermore, we must say Jacqueline Goldberg looks very good to be almost 90 years old!

We are definitely praying for Mr. Donald Trump, because he allegedly seems to have so much pride, he may not care about how Goldberg feels.  However, she is proving if no one cares about you, you can certainly show them you care about yourself and sue them, if they deserve it.

Woman suing Donald Trump: `Somebody had to stand up to him` 

CHICAGO (Associated Press) -An 87-year-old woman who alleges Donald Trump cheated her in a bait & switch scheme has told jurors she had qualms about suing the developer-turned-TV star given his power and influence.

But during testimony Monday, when she was asked why she nonetheless took Trump to court, Jacqueline Goldberg...Read full article, here.

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