Thursday, May 9, 2013

Celebrity News: Michael Jackson's Near Death Confession of Conversation with God

It's very scary to hear Michael Jackson's tour director allegedly admit, the King of Pop was having a conversation with God before his death.   For this reason, Angelica Zambrano, allegedly claims she saw Michael Jackson in hell.  Now of course, we do not know how true it is, but we are going by this following video, we have mentioned once before, here at SCR blog.     

According to, Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson's tour director says he heard Michael telling him these words, 'God keeps talking to me.'  Out of curiosity, we wonder what God could have been saying to Michael Jackson before his death?  Of course, we know his conversation was between he and God and no one else.   However, it's very scary to hear Angelica Zambrano's testimony about he, the Pope and Selena burning and screaming in hell.  

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Michael Jackson days before death: 'God keeps talking to me'

By Alan Duke, CNN
Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson told his tour director days before he died he was hearing God's voice, a producer testified Wednesday.

"God keeps talking to me,"Jackson said.

Those words spoken to Kenny Ortega and Jackson's frail appearance were so disturbing that it caused Ortega and associate producer...Read full article, here.
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