Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ex-Satanist Accepts Jesus Christ after almost going to Hell

A lot of you Christians who want so bad to mingle with the world, so you can have fame and fortune don't know what you're getting into.  Time and time again, we try to forewarn you that many of these celebrities have sold their souls to the Devil for fame and fortune.  However, this man was not a celebrity and many of these satan worshipers are not, but they are very powerful people like John Ramirez.

This is why it pays to be saved, you never know who you may come across in the workplace, business or even college.  There are Satan worshipers within our society and if you are not close to Jesus Christ as you should be, you could be controlled by one of these demons that are in some poeple.  It's not so important to have fame or fortune once you realize who specifically sold their souls to the Devil and in this age of mega ministries, many ministers are right in the church, allegedly.   We have heard of a few stories that allegedly claim some prosperity preachers are Satanists, they are not true messengers for Christ.   In their private lives, many of them could be doing what John Ramirez was once doing and that was being a Satanist.

John Rameriz did not grow up in the church, he was practicing witchcraft as a Satanist since the age of 10 years old.   He went to demon school as a child while many other Americans were going to church.  His family was heavily into the demonic religion and taught him everything he knew about controlling the environment.  Eventually, he met a woman who invited him to church and there, he gave his life to Jesus Christ, but first, demons tormented him at the altar, so much, the alleged demon in him began physically attacking the preacher. 

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